Another Successful IDA Graduate!

Woo hoo! Another participant used our IDA program to help pay her college tuition! Nicole just graduated from Dickinson State with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Congratulations, Nicole!

Keep reading to see her testimonial:

“I want to genuinely thank you for giving me the opportunity to save money to help pay for my last year of college at Dickinson State University. Through the Individual Development Account (IDA) at Community Action Partnership in Dickinson, ND, I was able to save money every month that was matched by the program. Also, the educational modules and curriculum were beneficial to my learning about money, savings, and spending habits. The education helped me start a monthly budget and begin saving more money each month. Because of this program, I did not have to take out any financial loans for tuition the past two semesters. Overall, this was a wonderful and beneficial program to me as a college student in learning more about how to manage my money now and into the future, as well as helping me pay for my education. I highly encourage this program to continue for future individuals in our area.” ~Nicole