Donate A Car, Change A Life!

Ever try to get around your community without having access to a vehicle?  Try to picture how you would get to work and back without reliable transportation.  Now throw daily activities such as child care, medical appointments, and grocery shopping.  Nearly impossible, right?  Well, for 5% of the households in North Dakota without a vehicle, they must do it every day.  Additionally, nearly 10% of multi-person households across the state also own only one car, which may not always be reliable. Many of the zero and one car households, are low income families that are already struggling to overcome poverty.

How important is car ownership and prosperity?  Many studies have suggested that TANF recipients are have greater success in finding a job if they have access to an automobile.  Low-income individuals with a reliable transportation are also likely to earn $0.72 to $2.12 more per hour.  Without personal transportation many must find jobs near their residence or work specific hours, limiting employment prospects.  However for those near or below the poverty level, car ownership is huge financial burden.

The Southeastern Community Action Agency (SENDCAA) Car Donation Program seeks to eliminate a large part in the cost of owning an automobile.  By giving a car away, they will not have to work about burdensome auto payments which are often a high interest rates.   To qualify, individuals must income-qualify, fill out an application, be currently employed, and have the ability to pay for six months of auto insurance.

SENDCAA is currently seeking both good, used automobiles and financial support to kick off the program.  Through this program, low income families will no longer be concerned if their car will start on a cold morning, how get to an overtime shift, or childcare transportation.  Donated vehicles will be given away and not sold, meaning a bigger tax deduction for those that give a car to the program.  If you would like more information about the program or how you might be able to contribute, please contact our Transportation Coordinator Bryan McCoy at 701-232-2452 or via email: