Jamestown Needs Service Jefferson Lines Provides

Would you like a ride to Fargo, Bismarck, Minot or points beyond without driving? What if you didn’t have access to a vehicle, how would you get to these destinations? One solution is using intercity bus service, an often misunderstood but important part of a well-rounded transportation network.

Bus carriers, such as Jefferson Lines, make it easier to travel between rural communities and also connect small towns to urban centers. Nearly one-third of all intercity bus passengers begin or end their trips in rural areas. Nationwide, bus carriers such as Jefferson Lines transport more passengers than Amtrak, and at a lower cost and with fewer subsidies.

It is time to bring Jefferson Lines back to Jamestown as it travels between Fargo and Bismarck.

There are multiple benefits in returning intercity bus service to Jamestown. The schedule would allow veterans to make daily trips to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Fargo for morning appointments and return later that afternoon instead of staying overnight or waiting all day for another bus. Newcomers to the state, attracted to jobs in the oilfields, can reside in family-friendly Jamestown and get to work in the Bakken without taking a personal vehicle.

People in Jamestown who do not have the ability to drive can get to Minot, Bismarck or Fargo to visit family or friends. Most importantly, an intercity bus service allows people to stay in Jamestown who also want the ability have easy access to “big-city” life and services.

Jefferson Lines, social services and local officials all recognize the importance of intercity bus travel to a growing Jamestown and improving quality of life. However, there is no consensus on how to bring the valuable service back to the city and region. Please contact city leaders or the business community to encourage them to work out a solution to returning Jefferson Lines to Jamestown.

For more information please contact Bryan McCoy, Transportation Coordinator at North Dakota Community Action Partnership at bmccoy@sendcaa.org or at 701-232-2452.

More information regarding transportation can also be found at http://www.capnd.org/programs/transportationcoordination.html